Singer Saipul Jamil Reports Burglary, Then Retracts Shortly

Monday, 21 February 2022 – 13:18 GMT+7
Singer Saipul Jamil Reports Burglary, Then Retracts Shortly - English
Saipul Jamil / Credit: Djainab Natalia Saroh, JPNN, JAKARTA - Dangdut singer Saipul Jamil filed a report to the Duren Sawit Police, saying his house had been burglarized, Sunday (20/2) night.

The Duren Sawit Police then transferred the case to the Pondok Gede Police in Bekasi.

"Last night, Saipul Jamil came to the police headquarters and was escorted from Duren Sawit to Pondok Gede," said Pondok Gede Police criminal investigation unit head First Inspector Tamat Suryani, Monday (21/2).

The police then moved to inspect the alleged crime.

However, in the middle of their trip to Saipul's home, the singer suddenly retracted the allegation.

According to Tamat, Saipul said that his stolen mobile phone had been returned.

"So, it wasn't a robbery, his mobile phone was stolen by a household assistant," Tamat said. (mcr31/mcr20/jpnn)

This news has been broadcast on with the title: Polisi Bantah Ada Kemalingan di Rumah Saipul Jamil, Begini Kronologi Sebenarnya

Saipul Jamil reported that his house had been burglarized but retracted the allegation shortly.