Meet Ikhsan Fandi, Singapore Bomber to Watch Out for in AFF Cup

Tuesday, 21 December 2021 – 13:57 GMT+7
Meet Ikhsan Fandi, Singapore Bomber to Watch Out for in AFF Cup - English
Singapore bomber Ikhsan Fandi (front) celebrates after breaking into Myanmar's goal in the 2020 AFF Cup / Credit: AFF, SINGAPORE - The Indonesian national soccer team will meet Singapore in the 2020 AFF Cup semifinals.

The game of the last four will be presented in two legs. The first clash will take place on Wednesday (22/12), and the second one on Saturday (25/12).

Indonesia has qualified for the 2020 AFF Cup semifinals after winning Group B thanks to a collection of 10 points from four matches.

Meanwhile, Singapore is the runner-up in Group A with nine points.

There are a number of Singaporean players that the Garuda squad should be wary of, one of whom is The Lions' mainstay striker, Ikhsan Fandi.

The 22-year-old bomber was a strong player in four matches in the group phase.

Having a height of 183 cm, above the average players in Southeast Asia, Ikhsan is a real threat to Indonesia's defense line.

Throughout the 2020 AFF Cup, Ikhsan has scored two goals, all of which were made when playing against Myanmar in the inaugural game.

Mainstay striker Ikhsan Fandi has been a backbone in the Singapore national soccer team.