House Member Praises Shin Tae Yong After Indonesia's Victory

Monday, 20 December 2021 – 21:11 GMT+7
House Member Praises Shin Tae Yong After Indonesia's Victory - English
Shin Tae Yong / Credit: PSSI, JAKARTA - House Commission X member A.S. Sukawijaya has praised Shin Tae Yong for his excellent coaching that led Indonesia to victory over Malaysia on the last matchday of the 2020 AFF Cup, Sunday (19/12).

The man, who is affectionately called Yoyok Sukawi, argued that it was a brave move for Shin Tae Yong to give debuts to young Indonesian players.

Shin Tae Yong's strategic placements paid off as Indonesia beat Malaysia with a score of 4-1 during the match. This made the Garuda squad advance to the 2020 AFF Cup semifinals with group champion status.

The South Korean also dared to make quick changes and laid out a strategy that was difficult for the opponents to read.

"[Shin Tae Yong] dares to call players according to their needs, not just using players who have big names," said Yoyok, who is a politician from the Democratic Party.

Although many questioned his decision to summon certain players, Shin Tae Yong chose to brush off the criticism as he knew how to maximize the game in his squad.

"[Shin Tae Yong] doesn't want just big names. He calls players who are young, willing to work hard, and full of warrior spirit," said Yoyok. (dkk/mcr20/jpnn)

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House Commission X member A.S. Sukawijaya has praised Shin Tae Yong for his excellent coaching that led Indonesia to victory.