Indonesia Vs Vietnam 0-0: Lots of Drama in Injury Time

Thursday, 16 December 2021 – 01:17 GMT+7
Indonesia Vs Vietnam 0-0: Lots of Drama in Injury Time - English
The Indonesian national team players during the match against Vietnam / Credit: PSSI

Until the whistle signaling the first half was over, the score had not changed.

In the second half, Indonesia changed the course of the match.

Evan Dimas came in to replace Rachmat Irianto. This made Indonesia more able to maintain rhythm and occasionally manage attacks.

Unfortunately, one opportunity taken by Ramai Rumakiek made no results because it was overcome by a Vietnamese defender.

The Golden Star, the nickname for the Vietnam national team, also made several substitutions to increase the effectiveness of their attacks.

Sure enough, Vietnam had a fairly mature opportunity through Ha Duc Chinh. Unfortunately, the opportunity failed to bear fruit.

In the 71st minute, Indonesia had a chance to score a goal through Evan Dimas' corner, which created chaos. Rizky Ridho, who managed to control the wild ball, kicked the ball towards the goal, but it hit the leg of a Vietnamese defender.

In the final minutes of the match, there was drama as Vietnam continued to confine Indonesia's defense.

The Indonesian national soccer team drew 0-0 against Vietnam in the third mathday of Group B of the 2020 AFF Cup.