Pasaman Earthquake Kills At Least Three, Displaces Thousands

Friday, 25 February 2022 – 16:14 GMT+7
Pasaman Earthquake Kills At Least Three, Displaces Thousands - English
A house in Kajai, West Pasaman, collapsed due to an earthquake / Credit: Antara, Altas Maulana, PASAMAN BARAT - A 6.2-magnitude earthquake rocked the West Pasaman region in West Sumatra, Friday (25/2) at 08.39 a.m.

The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) in Pasaman Barat stated that there were at least three people killed by the earthquake.

"As of Friday afternoon, three people have been found dead," said PMI West Pasaman head Rida Warsa.

In addition, 60 people were seriously or slightly injured.

The PMI also noted that 400 houses suffered major or minor damage. Public facilities, mosques, and offices were also damaged.

As many as 5,000 residents were evacuated to 35 points.

Rida said the PMI continued to evacuate victims by ambulance, conduct field assessments, establish health posts, and distribute tents.

After the earthquake, communication and power lines were cut off, which made it difficult to carry out mitigation efforts.

At least three people were killed and 5,000 residents were displaced after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake.