Indonesia Needs New Breakthrough to Reduce Smoking Prevalence

Wednesday, 05 October 2022 – 10:04 GMT+7
Indonesia Needs New Breakthrough to Reduce Smoking Prevalence - English
Illustration. Indonesia government is strongly recommended to implement a new approach of reducing smokers' numbers. Credit: Bea Cukai

In addition to the effectivity in reducing the number of smokers, the government also needs to separate regulations between alternative tobacco products and cigarettes.

Public Policy Observer from Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Satria Aji Imawan, added by regulating the use of these products, the government can provide options to adult smokers who have difficulty quitting smoking by switching to alternative tobacco products that are less risky.

With the choice sourced from the government, adult smokers can determine their attitude in choosing tobacco products.

“This option can later be a way for the government to improve the quality of health,” said Satria.

According to Satria, there are two potential negatives if the government has not seen alternative tobacco products as a better option than cigarettes.

“First, the prevalence of smoking will remain high because adult smokers don't get a choice. Second, the public is alarmed by the realization that accurate information about alternative tobacco products is a right of information that should be obtained by the public, especially adult smokers,” he added. (jpnn)

Indonesia government is suggested to implement a new approach in order to reduce smoking prevalence