Tragedy on 'Island of Mafia', 12 People Still Missing

Sunday, 12 December 2021 – 20:57 GMT+7
Tragedy on 'Island of Mafia', 12 People Still Missing - English
Rescuers work at a collapsed building after an earthquake in Amatrice, Central Italy / Credit: Vigili del Fuoco, Handout via REUTERS, ITALIA - A four-story building in the city of Ravanusa, Sicily, Italy, has collapsed following a gas explosion, the ANSA News Agency has reported.

Evacuation teams are still searching for 12 missing people, including three children.

ANSA said the building caught fire after a natural gas pipeline exploded in the town of 11,000 people near Agrigento, a city on the southwestern island of Sicily known for its Greek temples.

Firefighters managed to extinguish the blaze and began a search operation, including searching for the young couple who were pregnant.

The explosion damaged at least two other buildings on the island, known as the birthplace of the Mafia criminal organization. (ant/dil/mcr20/jpnn)

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A tragedy occurred on the island of Sicily, where a four-story building collapsed following a gas explosion.