The Rain Celebrates 20 Years With 'Terjebak Bersama'

Friday, 17 December 2021 – 08:24 GMT+7
The Rain Celebrates 20 Years With 'Terjebak Bersama' - English
The Rain / Credit: The Rain, YOGYAKARTA - Music group The Rain has turned 20 in December this year.

Since its formation, members of the Yogyakarta band have remained the same. There are Indra Prasta (vocals, guitar), Iwan Tanda (guitar, vocals), Ipul Bahri (bass, vocals), and Aang Anggoro (drums, vocals).

After releasing five studio albums under a major label, The Rain has chosen an independent path with the banner of Heavy Rain Records since 2013.

"We learned a lot of good things while working under a major label. That has become our provision to run this band independently," said Indra, Thursday (16/12).

The Rain's 20-year journey has been full of sweet and bitter stories.

While some of their songs have done well, a few of their works have failed in the market.

However, they have remained optimistic.

"It's very exciting to adapt through times," said Ipul.

The Rain has turned 20 in December, and it is celebrating the anniversary by releasing a single titled "Terjebak Bersama".