Vanessa Angel's Driver Apologizes to Gala Sky During Trial

Friday, 04 March 2022 – 16:51 GMT+7
Vanessa Angel's Driver Apologizes to Gala Sky During Trial - English
Vanessa Angel's driver, Tubagus Joddy / Credit: Instagram (@tubagusjoddy), JAKARTA - The driver of the late Vanessa Angel and Febri "Bibi" Ardiansyah, Tubagus Joddy, returned to court on Wednesday (2/3).

In the virtual session, he apologized to Vanessa's son, Gala Sky.

"Sorry to Gala, because of my actions, you lost your parents, the people you love the most," said Tubagus.

In addition, Tubagus also apologized to the families of Vanessa and Bibi. He regretted forcing himself to drive the car in a sleepy state.

According to him, at that time, he did not feel good about asking Bibi to drive the car.

"I'm sorry that I didn't say I was sleepy, that I was reluctant, afraid to be bothersome," added Tubagus.

Vanessa and Bibi died in an accident on the Jombang toll road on November 4, 2021.

Tubagus was arrested for negligence while driving, which led the car to hit the road divider. (ded/mcr20/jpnn)

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Tubagus Joddy returned to court and apologized to Vanessa Angel's son, Gala Sky.