Jakarta Examines 39 Close Contacts of First Omicron Patient

Saturday, 18 December 2021 – 19:33 GMT+7
Jakarta Examines 39 Close Contacts of First Omicron Patient - JPNN.com English
Illustration of Covid-19 testing / Credit: Ricardo, JPNN

jpnn.com, JAKARTA - The Jakarta Health Agency has examined 39 close contacts of the first Omicron patient in Indonesia.

"There are dozens of people who are the close contacts of N," said the agency's disease prevention and control head, Dwi Oktavia, Saturday (12/18).

According to Dwi, his party has started tracking down the 39 people since Thursday as soon as N, who was a janitor at the Wisma Atlet emergency hospital in Jakarta, was tested positive for Omicron.

N has undergone a whole-genome sequencing (WGS) examination and is now isolated.

"[The close contacts] include his friends who had met him on the eight and ninth day before the results of his Covid-19 test came out. It was stretched back to two weeks earlier according to the Covid-19 incubation period," he said.

Dwi said close contacts of N who were positive for Covid-19 had been isolated.

"Some of those who were traced were also tested positive for Covid-19, but their WGS results have yet to come out. The positive ones are just isolated while waiting for the WGS results," said Dwi. (mcr4/mcr20/jpnn)

This news has been broadcast on JPNN.com with the title: Dinkes DKI Periksa 39 Orang yang Berkontak Erat dengan Pasien Pertama Omicron

The Jakarta Health Agency has examined 39 close contacts of the first Omicron patient in Indonesia.