American Found Hanging Dead in Bali's Monkey Forest

Thursday, 21 October 2021 – 23:18 GMT+7
American Found Hanging Dead in Bali's Monkey Forest - English
Police officers investigating a scene at the Monkey Forest. A letter left by the victim before he died / Credit: Istimewa, BALI - An American Caucasian named Robert Paul Evans, 51, was found hanging dead, and his body had decomposed in a vacant lot on Jalan Raya Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali.

Police suspected that the victim was desperate to end his life because he was frustrated due to his illness.

The victim left a letter in which he wrote his wish for his body to be cremated in the Monkey Forest.

"We suspect that the victim died about two days [prior to the discovery] because his body was already emitting a foul odor," said Ubud Police Chief Adjutant Commissioner I Made Tama, as reported by

Investigators suspected that the victim was depressed due to Multiple Sclerosis or nerve disorders in the brain, eyes, and spine. This information was known from the management of the Tegal Sari Hotel, where the victim had stayed.

An employee of the Tegal Sari Hotel, I Nengah Rasta, told investigators that the victim had said he wanted to end his life.

In his room, investigators found a letter in English.

Tama said the victim's body was discovered when an employee of the Monkey Forest Tourism was strolling around to check on the monkeys on a motorbike. (bx/ras/man/JPR/mcr20)

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An American Caucasian was found hanging dead in a vacant lot in the Monkey Forest, Bali.