Joe Biden Will War Against China for Taiwan?

Friday, 22 October 2021 – 17:32 GMT+7
Joe Biden Will War Against China for Taiwan? - English
US President Joe Biden gestures upon his arrival at Chicago O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinos, on Thursday (7/10) / Credits: Antara, Reuters, Evelyn Hockstein, RWA, sa., AMERIKA - US President Joe Biden has issued a new statement regarding the existence of Taiwan as tensions between the latter and China increase.

According to Biden, the US is fully committed to defending Taiwan.

China is known to have claimed Taiwan as part of its territory. Military tensions between Taiwan and China are at their worst in more than 40 years, Taiwan's top defense chief Chiu Kuo-cheng has said, adding that China would have the capability to carry out a full-scale invasion by 2025.

"Yes, we have a commitment to do that [defend Taiwan]," Biden said on Thursday (21/10).

He said people should not worry about the strength of the US military, arguing that the whole world knows it was the strongest military in the history.

"The thing to worry about is whether [China] will engage in activities that could put them in a position where they might make serious mistakes," he added. (Antara/Reuters/mcr20/jpnn)

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Joe Biden said the US is fully committed to defending Taiwan against China.