Ustaz Felix Siauw Reacts to Being Named Radical Preacher

Monday, 07 March 2022 – 14:00 GMT+7
Ustaz Felix Siauw Reacts to Being Named Radical Preacher - English
Ustaz Felix Siauw / Credit: Instagram (@felixsiauw)

Through a press statement released on Saturday (5/3), BNPT prevention director Brigadier General Ahmad Nurwakhid said the issue of radicalism must be a concern from an early age.

"Radicalism is a process of stages leading to terrorism that always manipulates and politicizes religion," said Nurwakhid.

Nurwakhid emphasized the need to increase national awareness by recognizing radical preachers.

There are at least five indicators, according to him. First, radical preachers deliver anti-Pancasila teachings and the proidiology of a transnational caliphate.

Second, they teach takfiri ideology that rejects other parties who have different understandings or different religions.

Third, they instill an anti-leader attitude or legitimate government, building public distrust of the government through slanderous propaganda, hate speech, and hoaxes.

Fourth, they have an exclusive attitude towards the environment and change as well as intolerance to differences and plurality.

Fifth, they usually have anti-cultural views or anti-local wisdom.

Ustaz Felix Siauw has reacted to him being included in the list of radical preachers.