NU Condemns Twitter Admin Over Inappropriate Jokes

Wednesday, 02 February 2022 – 09:53 GMT+7
NU Condemns Twitter Admin Over Inappropriate Jokes - English
Screenshot of NU's Twitter profile / Credit: Twitter, JAKARTA - Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) Secretary General Saifullah Yusuf, better known as Gus Ipul, has asked the Twitter admin of @nahdlatululama to immediately hand over the account to the new management.

"We've been looking for who the admin of this account is, but no one has confessed. I ask that within 24 hours the admin must go to NU and meet the new management to immediately hand over the account," said Gus Ipul in his press statement, Tuesday (1/2).

According to him, the Twitter account of the organization has recently posted inappropriate tweets.

"Lately, the tweets do not reflect the set rules. They tend to be argumentative. The jokes are not appropriate and tend to be hurtful," said Gus Ipul.

One example, Gus Ipul assessed, was when the Twitter account @dpp_pkb congratulated the NU inauguration process, and @nahdlatululama replied: "next time, don't be late to congratulate."

"We have received many complaints from netizens as well as from institutions who feel uncomfortable with @nahdlatululama's tweets," said Gus Ipul. (mcr10/mcr20/jpnn)

This news has been broadcast on with the title: Geger, PBNU Marah Besar, Admin Akun Twitter @Nahdlatululama Bakal Dipolisikan

The Twitter admin of @nahdlatululama has recently posted inappropriate tweets, the organization has said.